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Survey Features

Get all the horsepower you need to build advanced surveys

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Improve survey data quality

Reduce data bias by using question, page and block randomization, automatically randomizing the order of your survey.
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Increase completion rates

Personalize your respondent experience with advanced survey logic, like advanced branching, question and page skip logic, and advanced piping.
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Choose the best question type

Design your surveys with maximum flexibility. Over 15 different question types are available including video, matrix, rating, star, slider, A/B testing, ranking questions and more.
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Get help writing surveys

Access our question bank and survey templates for professionally written resources. Need more help? Reach out to our survey experts anytime to discuss your specific research needs.
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Effortlessly create visually stunning surveys that align with your brand

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Standardize your branding

Upload logos, themes, and corporate colors to give your customers, prospects, and employees a consistent brand experience.
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Engage your respondents

Take control of what respondents do after completing your survey. Redirect them to additional resources that increase engagement.
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Customize your URLs

Take advantage of our white label domain, research.net, or ask about custom subdomains to increase relevance for your respondents familiar with your brand.
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data analytics

Uncover actionable insights in your data

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Dive deep into your data

Filter and compare your survey results to explore your data and gain deeper insights not visible on the surface.

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Choose how you view data

View responses individually or in aggregate. Explore the "why" behind decision making using open-ended questions.

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Share your data with the team

Share your survey results directly in SurveyMonkey or export your data to CSV, XLS, and SPSS for deeper analysis.

feedback channels

Collect feedback anywhere, anytime

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Take advantage of social collectors

Leverage social media to engage with your audience. Post your surveys to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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Embed surveys in your product

Embed your survey directly into your mobile app or website to collect feedback, while your users are engaging with your product.
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Get just the right amount of responses

Open and close survey collectors automatically with response quote and predetermined date and time settings.
“SurveyMonkey is a great way to get responses in one place and to be able to analyze the results.”
Colette Hohimer
Executive Director - Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons

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