Job Description

Stämm is a biotechnology company dedicated to making biomanufacturing easy, scalable, and repeatable, beginning with the production of biologics and cell therapies.

In 2020, the total volume of anthropogenic mass matched the total amount of biomass globally, which means it matched everything alive on the planet. We can only expect that this number keeps increasing since it's key to solving humanity's systemic challenges.

But we have to make sure that conquering the great challenges of humanity doesn’t extinguish the planet’s capacity to sustain life.
The current way of biomanufacturing has provided humanity with innumerable solutions. Bioprocessing is the most efficient way to align human advancement with a thriving nature.

To prevent nature from perishing, we aim to put it at the center of all human activities by incorporating its knowledge system to achieve humanity's prosperity.

Founded in 2016, Stämm is applying nature’s use of laminar flow to down-size a whole biotech facility into an all-in-one, plug & play desktop unit with the unidirectional flow and continuous production to decentralize bioprocesses and democratize access to biotechnology products, thus freeing our partners to focus on the disruptive discoveries that make an impact in people’s life, fueled by nature.

For our Cells team, we need a Cell Line Specialist who is proactive and service-oriented. We are looking for a problem-solving team player that is constantly seeking self-improvement.   
Job responsabilities

- Organize and maintain eukaryotic cell lines cultures.
- Develop recombinant protein producing cell lines (cloning, screening and characterizate cell clones) and generate cell banks
- Design and execution of experiments to evaluate cell performance using mammalian expression platforms
- Support good lab practise and to ensure all work is fully documented in a timely manner.
- Draft standart operating procedures, under version control and available for audit as needed.
- Ensure an organised supply of cell culture stock of core supplies.
- Take responsibility for the maintenance of common cell culture equipment


- Advanced student or Degree in Biotechnology, Biology, Pharmacy or Bio-Engineer
- Knowledge of mammalian cell culture techniques
- Experience with recombinant protein producing cell lines

Preferred experience

- 1-2 years of experience in biotechnology, pharmacy or similar companies with GMP compliance knowledge.
- Expression vector design, cell transfection and knowledge of molecular biology techniques
- Cell banking

More information

-This position is 100% ON-SITE in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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