From CReSA, we are conducting a survey regarding Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae acclimatization strategies at European level. We would like to invite you to fill this short questionnaire (one per farm - so you can do as many farms as you want, no restrictions).
Thank you very much for your collaboration, we really appreciate!

* 1. General Data

* 2. Type of production system

* 3. Herd size (number of animals)

* 4. How do you perform the assessment of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae?

* 5. Type of replacement

* 6. Replacement data

* 7. Is the M. hyopneumoniae status known on arrival?

* 8. In your farm, acclimatization sites for the gilt isolation are available?

* 9. Methods of M. hyopneumoniae acclimatization /exposure used in your farm

* 10. Do you perform diagnostics to verify an adequate M. hyopneumoniae acclimatization?