LACEA's Carlos Diaz-Alejandro Prize 2020 Survey

LACEA's Diaz-Alejandro Prize is designed to honor the memory and contribution of Carlos Diaz-Alejandro, and to encourage high quality research on economic issues relevant to Latin America.
Any member of LACEA can submit up to three nominations. 
Please nominate up to three (3) persons and include name, institutional affiliation and one sentence explaining why you are nominating that person(s).
Note that nominees cannot be current members of LACEA's Executive Committee* or previous Carlos Díaz-Alejandro Prize winners**.
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* 1. Please add your full name, e-mail and your institutional affiliation:

* Current EC members: Raquel Fernández, Francisco Ferreira, María Laura Alzúa, Felipe Barrera, Adriana Camacho, Gustavo Canavire, Ángel Calderón, Pedro Dal Bó, Hugo Ñopo, Susan Parker, Verónica Rappoport, Laura Ripani, Joana Silva and Juan Vargas.
** Previous CDA winners: 2018 - James Robinson (University of Chicago, Harris School for Public Policy); 2016 - Orazio Attanasio (UCL); 2014 - Carmen Reinhart (Harvard Kennedy School); 2012 - Sebastian Edwards (UCLA); 2010 - Hugo Hopenhayn (UCLA); 2008 - Jere Behrman (University of Pennsylvania); 2006 - Guillermo Calvo (Columbia University); 2002 - Rudiger Dornbusch (MIT), Awarded posthumously; 2000 - Arnold Harberger (UCLA and University of Chicago); 1998 - Edmar Bacha (PUC-Rio).