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Thank you for offering to become a member of the Friends of Reston Regional Library, Inc. Through sales of donated books and selected other items we provide new books, subscriptions, equipment, furniture, and programs that support the patrons and staff of the Reston Regional Library and the Fairfax County Public Library System generally.

Our members can take an active part in the Friends by volunteering to staff positions in the organization as well as pay dues, give money and book donations. Volunteering opportunities are listed below.

Please complete the following to join us in our important work.

We do not share individual membership information and data with any other organization.

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* While we absolutely do not share our individual membership information with other organizations, we do send periodic special announcements related to the activities of the Reston Library and Friends, such as upcoming book sales. If you do not wish to receive these updates and announcements, then please check here.

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All Contributions are Tax Deductible to the extent allowed by law for a 501(c)(3) organization.

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* The Friends’ Board of Directors recognizes those who have kindly donated money to support our programs; they are grouped by Donation Levels for recognition in the semi-annual Friends’ newsletter. If you would prefer to not be recognized in the newsletter, then please check the following button.

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* We would love for you to join in our success and passion in making the library a better place for the community. (Please note that we screen and train volunteers prior to work assignment.)

Please contact me about volunteering opportunities with the Friends, in the category I've selected below.

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* Following are some examples of the volunteering interests and experiences that are available. Please indicate the one(s) that you are interested in exploring with us. Volunteers are screened and trained prior to acceptance and assignment.

NOTE: Please understand that some of the work may require physical strength and dexterity, as noted below.

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RESTON, VA 20190

As you complete this form you will directed to the Friends' Web page where you can pay by credit card.

If you are paying by mail, when you get to the payment page, just move on without taking any action.