This study is part of an international project Erasmus+ Sport with the name “European Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Badminton - B4ALL: Badminton for all” (more information on
This study is aimed to know the degree of development of the processes of inclusion of people with disabilities in clubs during the current badminton season (2018/2019).

For it, a questionnaire has been created, which will have to be filled by a person with responsibility and knowledge of the management and administration (president, technical director and/or coach) of the club, so as to ensure adequate sampling is made in accordance with reality. 10 minutes are sufficient to fill it out.

All answers will be kept confidential. With the information provided by each club, a report will be prepared that will serve to develop measures to improve the processes of sport inclusion at a general level, and specifically, in the case of badminton. The research team will send each club the final analysis of all data gathered.
Thank you for your time and participation