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This questionnaire is part of the project “Evaluation of gender balance within neuroscience Latin American community” carried out by IBRO LARC in cooperation with Universidad de la República, UdelaR.

The first phase of this project (2019) contributed important information gathered in this report and publication. Five years later, it is time to have this second round to update and to add relevant information. This is what this second survey is about: gathering information on neuroscience researchers in Latin America, particularly on their educational attainment, academic careers and determinants of their career choice.

The average time to complete the survey is approximately 20 minutes. Please complete as exhaustively as possible to ensure the reliability of the data.

As IBRO LARC has already informed by mail, the information in this study is collected anonymously and will be used exclusively for statistical processing purposes. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to participate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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* 1. What is your main area of expertise in neuroscience?

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