ZENITH TRAVEL ECUADOR is currently carriying out a brief survey about the top tourist highlights in South America with a significant volumen of visitors from abroad.
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* 1. Which Countries in South-America are mostly visited by your local market customers?

* 2. In your opinion, which main Tourist attractions  in South-America could be mostly visited by your local market customers?

* 3. In your opinion, to which market segment belong your Local customers?

* 4. What gender are most of your Local customers?

* 5. In your opinion, what is the most common range of ages among your Local customers?

* 6. In your opinion, with which profile of Local  customers do you do business on regular basis?

* 7. In your opinion, which kind of Tourism packages appeal most  to your Local customers?

* 8. In your opinion, which of the following itineraries are more appeal to your Local customers, when visiting a particular destination in the world?

* 9. In your opinion, do you consider Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands an attractive destination for your Local customers?