* 1. Would you like to see an I Will Bloom newsletter? 

* 2. Would you mind seeing I Will Bloom affiliate links (most probably only to Amazon)?

* 3. Would you buy an eBook from I Will Bloom?

* 4. Would you be likely to take a course from I Will Bloom? The courses would likely comprise 5 lessons and cost in the region of $30. 

* 5. If you would be interested in taking a course from I Will Bloom, what type of course would you like to see? I'm thinking Self care; The life-changing art of gratitude; The magic of finding ordinary beauty

* 6. Would you be interested in seeing a 2017 goal-developing/goal-setting planner developed by Helen? It'd cost in the range of $40 and would - aside from the goal-setting/developing aspect - include plenty of inspirational quotes and motivational info....

* 7. If interested in a 2017 planner, would you prefer a digital or physical copy?

* 8. Do you have any other suggestions for where Helen could take I Will Bloom? (Please be kind!)

* 9. Do you have any other general comments about I Will Bloom (please be kind!)

* 10. If you'd like to subscribe to the I Will Bloom newsletter, please leave your email address (I won't use it for any other purpose than sending you the newsletter). 

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