Title I Parent Survey SPRING 2017

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Dear Parent,

Thank you for completing the Spring 2017 Elementary/Middle/High School Title I parent survey. Your input is valuable and your responses are confidential. The results are compiled via a secure website.

Parents play an integral role in assisting in their child's learning. We encourage parents to be actively involved in their child's education. We consider parents full partners and appreciate their involvement in decision-making.

The survey will be open from March 20-April 7, 2017.

* 1. What school does your child attend? (If you have more than 1 child enrolled, please complete a SEPARATE survey for EACH child).

* 2. Please indicate your child's grade level. (Remember, please complete a separate survey for each of your children enrolled in Elementary or Middle school)

* 3. To support my child's learning I would like additional information about (check all that apply):

* 4. Do you have a computer at home that your child can use?

* 5. How much time (on average) does your child spend doing homework each night?

* 6. The teacher or principal responds to your concerns within a reasonable time.

* 7. I am informed about my child's progress throughout the school year via progress reports/report cards, parent conference, phone calls or email.

* 8. I have attended/participated in the following school activities at my child's school (check all that apply).

* 9. If you did not attend any of the above, please specify why (check all that apply).

* 10. Do you use the Folsom Cordova Unified School District website and/or Power School Parent at home or on campus to:

* 11. Does your child participate in any of the district provided before/after school programs listed below?

* 12. I would like to know more information about Title I at my school as it relates to:

* 13. To plan for parent/training workshops, please indicate all your areas of interest:

* 14. What are strengths of this school (check all that apply):