1. Wellcome to our survey

This questionnaire is part of a study intended to improve our understanding on social perceptions and legal frameworks that articulate forest management activities associated with water-based ecosystem services in tropical countries.

In the questionnaire, the term ‘forest management’ refers to all those activities aimed to maintain the forest-water relationship (i.e. forest management, restoration, and conservation), and the term ‘water-based ecosystem services’ refer to all ecosystem services provided by forests in relation with water (e.g. water quality, water provision, flood regulation).
The questionnaire should not take you more than 20 minutes. 

Please remember that your responses express your personal opinion and do not reflect the policy or vision of the company, agency, institution or organization where you work or which you collaborate.

Please, also remember that there is no right or wrong answer and that all your opinions matter for this research. Please answer the questionnaire thinking in the territory (e.g. region, province or country) you are currently working.

You can choose and mark more than one option in several questions.

We really appreciate your participation and value your opinion. Please share the questionnaire among your colleagues.