Nomination Form

To nominate a digital tool in this call for proposals, simply respond to the following questions. If your tool is selected, we will contact you. For questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at this e-mail:

* 1.  Name of the digital tool

* 2. Description - What problem does the digital tool resolve?
Describe its functions and why its approach or content can be considered innovative. (100 words)

* 3. How does it work?
Describe its architecture, its dependence on other systems and the standards used in its development. (250 words)

* 4. What area of tax administration does it impact?
Choose one or several options.

* 5. Where was it implemented?
Describe in detail the institutions involved, users reached, etc. (100 words)

* 6. What results were achieved?
Include data about improvements in collections, time-saving, etc. (100 words and link to tables if necessary)

* 7. Was the digital tool designed in open code and is it available to the public?
If yes, post the link to the repository of Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab or any other collaborative platform. If it is not yet public, paste other sources of information (articles, official website, blog, etc.) that describe its solution and functionality.

* 8. What is your relationship with the digital tool?
Choose one or several options

* 9. Contact information for the owner of the digital tool

Complete name and e-mail address for contacting the owner in case the tool is selected. In case you lack information about the ownership of the digital tool, please provide any information that will allow us to get in touch with the party that developed the tool.

* 10. Additional comments

* 11. I understand and accept the terms and conditions of the Call available in:

* 12. How did you find out about the Expedition?

¡Thank you!