1. Introduction

Welcome to the online application process of Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (FMS).

This Form is for organisations that seek to apply under the category of large-sized organisations, mid-sized organisations and consortiums of grassroots organisations (CGO). Please read carefully the CALL FOR PROPOSALS to know the eligibility criteria of each of the categories and verify compliance with them.

Organizations that apply under the large and mid-sized categories must attach the "mandatory documentation", in the final section of this form: i) Certified financial reports for the last 2 fiscal years (2016 and 2017); ii) Copy of the registration document of your organisation (certificate of legal registration); iii) Statutes.

ATTENTION!! The Electronic Form, once closed, does not allow the storage of the information. In this sense, it is important to fill the form offline (the Form is available in Word format in the FMS website). We suggest that once you have completed the proposal in the Word file and have organized the mandatory documentation, copy and paste the information in the Electronic Form. The loading time of the information, once prepared, is approximately 30 minutes.

For more information about the FMS, you can access our website - www.mujeresdelsur.org-. We can also be contacted by email at: liderando@mujeresdelsur.org