Art As You Are -

"Art As You Are" is a meeting point for artists and illustrators to be known by their fans and potential customers or buyers.

The online platform "Art As You Are" allows artists and illustrators:

-To disclose and disseminate his work along with his first works.
-Commercialize his creations (artists publish their work and clients can acquire their original drawings and prints, but also cups, t-shirts and cloth bags that carry their creations printed)
-To promote the creativity of the artists and propose them a first showcase of their work, respecting to the maximum their authorship and talent.
It is definitely an ideal platform to encourage young artists and illustrators in the first steps of art and creation. And it is clear that your designs are always yours and that you can withdraw them from the sale at any time.
You can visit  "Art As You Are" and learn more about our project.

Help us find the artist you have ... ¡spread your art!
Would you mind answering these questions to guide our project?

* 1. How have you known us? / ¿Cómo nos has conocido?

* 2. How old are you? / ¿Qué edad tienes?

* 3. What level of education do you have? / ¿Qué nivel de estudios tienes?

* 4. Which is your current job? ¿Cuál es tu actividad actual?

* 5. What kind of illustrations do you make? (Manga / Videogame / Anime / Decorative / Fashion / Conceptual) / ¿Qué tipo de ilustraciones realizas? (Manga / Videojuego / Anime / Decorativa / De moda / Conceptual)

* 6. Have you won or earn money selling your creations or illustrations? / ¿Has ganado o ganas dinero vendiendo tus creaciones o ilustraciones?

* 7. I think I could make enough money through a place like "Art As You Are" (mark as many stars as you agree with the statement) / Creo que podría ganar suficiente dinero a través de un lugar como "Art As You Are" (marca tantas estrellas como estés de acuerdo con la afirmación)

* 8. Do you know any place on the internet that promotes the talent of new creators? / ¿Conoces algún lugar en internet que promueva el talento de los creadores noveles?

* 9. Would you actively collaborate with a platform that would dynamize your illustrations? / ¿Colaborarías activamente con una plataforma que dinamizase tus ilustraciones?

* 10. How do you see this formula? we would advertise the best designs and move them among our followers, mainly online but also in special fairs. Do you stay with 85% for the sales of originals we sell, but also  you get 20% on the objects (cups, bags, etc.) with your designs we can sell (Mark as many stars as you agree with the question) / ¿Como ves la fórmula de nosotros publicitaríamos los mejores diseños y los moveríamos entre seguidores, fundamentalmente de forma online. Te quedas con el 85% por las ventas de originales realizados y del 20% sobre los objetos (tazas, bolsos, etc) que lleven impresos tus diseños y que vendamos? (Marca tantas estrellas como estés de acuerdo con la pregunta)