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Welcome and thank you for taking our brief survey. The purpose of the survey is to find out the relation between transformational leadership and other factors like: job satisfaction, trust in leadership, person-organization values congruence, organizational commitment and job performance.

In order to obtain the best results for the research analysis we would very much appreciate total honesty in the responses provided. Thank you very much.

Note: The survey takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. No personal identification information will be collected in the survey and all responses will be anonymous. All data from this research is confidential and will be used for research purposes only.

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* 1. Which field do you work at?

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* 2. Size of your company

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* 4. Answer the following questions evaluating your manager (NOT YOU)

  Not at all Once in a while Sometimes Fairly Often Frequently
He / she always defines clearly who is responsible for each of the objectives
He / she does not interfere in daily work until a problem becomes serious
I feel proud of working with him / her
He / she insists in approaching problems from different points of view
He advises and teaches me in order to help me improve
He / she helps me if he / she perceives I am giving my best and he / she expresses satisfaction when I achieve my goals
He / she tries to detect errors, failures and deviations from standards
He / she feels that if something works well "don't change it"
He / she reconsiders decisions when necessary
He / she lets me know when he feels I am doing something wrong or I could perform better
He / she insists that everyone has clearness on the main objectives
He / she takes into account ethical and moral consequences of his / her decisions
He / she takes care of my individual problems in addition to those of the team
He / she avoids taking decisions or he / she delays in doing so
He discusses with optimism the future
He / she avoids intervening when problems arise
He / she trusts in achieving his / her objectives
He / she goes beyond his own interests, for the benefit of the team

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* 5. Thoughts about your manager (NOT ABOUT YOU)

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree
I am sure he / she will always be fair with me
I am convinced of his / her integrity
He / she would help with any major problem
I feel loyal to my manager

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* 6. Please provide a rating in the form of a percentage score (from 0% to 100%) describing how good you believe your manager is on each of the 15 areas described below. Higher percentages indicate greater ability.

  0% 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100%
Emotion expression: …is able to express his feelings to others.
Empathy: …can see things from another person’s point of view.
Self-motivation: …is internally driven by a need to produce high-quality work and is unlikely to give up easily.
Emotion regulation: …can control his emotions.
Happiness: …is generally cheerful and feels good about himself and his life in general.
Social awareness: …has very good social skills.
Low impulsiveness : …considers information carefully before making decisions and is unlikely to give in to his urges.
Emotion perception: …is good at reading other people’s feelings.
Self-esteem: …has a positive view of himself and his achievements.
Assertiveness: …does not hesitate to stand up for his rights and has leadership qualities.
Emotion management: …is good at managing other people’s emotions (e.g., by consoling them or calming them down).
Optimism: …expects positive things to happen in his life and tends to look on the bright side.
Relationships: …has good and fulfilling personal relationships with the people close to him/her.
Adaptability: …is able to cope with change and adapt to new things and environments.
Stress management: …holds up under pressure and is capable of dealing with stress.

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* 7. From now on and until the end of the survey, it is time to evaluate yourself.

Please rate your satisfaction at work for the following topics.

  Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither Satisfied Very Satisfied
Opportunities to train and help my colleagues
Freedom to use my own criteria
Pride of a job well done
Chance to do different jobs and break the monotony
Promotion opportunities
The recognition I get when I do a good job
The skills and profienciency of my managers
The length of my working day
I have a clear idea of ​​what the values ​​of my company
I agree with the values of my company. They are consistent with my ideas

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* 8. Evaluate your commitment with your company

  Strongly disagree In slight disagreement Neither In slight agreement Strongly Agree
I would like to continue the rest of my career in this company
I feel any business problem as my own problem
I am proud to belong to this company
I could be as comfortable as I am in this company in any other company
If I continue in this business is because I would not have the advantages and benefits that I have here in another job
I work in this company because I need it, not because I want to
I could quit my job even not having an alternative
I believe I owe a lot to this company
I would not leave the company, but I believe I will get a better job if I change
I would feel guilty if I leave the company now

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* 9. Evaluate your performance at work

  Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither Satisfied Very Satisfied
Quantity of work performed
Quality of resulting work
Overall performance