What does it mean to be a VeggAtHome Activist Ambassador?

We're about to launch the platform! Join us :)
Practical details:
-You will receive a unique identification code, which you should mention in public posts you make about us.

-When “Guests”, “Hosts” or “Collectives” or register through you, they will give us your code so that we can link you & give you the rewards you deserve, whenever they use the website.

-Our work is absolutely horizontal, that means you will have no boss, simply some guidance in respect to sensible topics and tips in identifying growth opportunities.

-You may help develop any geographical area you wish; it doesn’t need to only be your city. Go for your whole potential network and groups you belong to. You may also discover or set up new groups using amazing tools like Meetup, for example.

-You will receive a written authorization from VeggAtHome to establish deals and collaborations with companies, NGOs, collectives and governments, but you will always have to add one of our founders as a copy (Cc) of any institutional communication.

-We will suggest example texts for communication, but we prefer that you express yourself freely in whichever way feels best to you.

-Our position will always be to offer Vegan experiences and dishes! We are conscious that a large part of the vegetarian community call themselves ovo-lacto (some of us also went through that phase!), but we are coherent with our values and want to become a platform that helps people with their transition, offering new vegan options to eat out and inspiration to attain a healthy lifestyle without hurting animals, nature or our own bodies.

-You will be identified as an Ambassador as soon as the platform is ready, and you will be connected to all the other Activist Ambassadors in the world, through a virtual workspace (which will be divided in Portuguese, Spanish & English), through which we will send campaigns and guidance, as well as receiving feedback from you so that we can all benefit from collective thinking.

-We do not mind how much time you spend in developing activities with us. Each Ambassador knows their rhythm, biorhythm, network, capacities and available time and commitments. We simply hope to conquer some time in your heart, and we will be thankful with all your support!

-As a social enterprise all the communication from Veggathome.com will have a lively tone towards the users, with the aim of creating a cheerful and vibrant community, but institutionally (as activists) we will also get involved with and support more belligerent topics, like public demonstrations & organized complaints against companies and governments that neglect animal rights, human rights, or harm nature.

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* 3. Tell us about your professional / activist journey in the vegan, nutritional or any other community that you find important

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* 5. Tell us if there's a specific NGO, Group, Sanctuary or Project to which you'd like us to donate for your participation as an Ambassador :)