Mexican Business Aviation Association ("MBAA")

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope you were able to join the conversation regarding the Mexican Business Aviation Association during the Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (BACE2019) in Las Vegas on October 22nd.  I had the privilege of being a part of the meeting along with a group of aviation professionals from several key organizations from all over the world.  The European, French, German, Middle East Business Aviation Associations were represented as well as the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).  The National Business Aviation Association was also present, and kind enough to host the meeting at their booth.

During the meeting we concluded that it is crucial to poll both Mexican National Operators (XA,XB) and Foreign Operators regarding important challenges flight departments are facing when operating to and within Mexico.  Understanding the most significant challenges will help prioritize the issues that need to be addressed.  It is extremely important to have the support of a minimum of 7-10 companies or individuals participating.  Your feedback is imperative for the success of the Association.

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* 1. Please rate the importance of the following topics when operating into Mexico: 

Overall performance of the Federal Agency of Civil Aviation (AFAC, formerly known as DGAC), in regards to processing initial, recurrent and/or renewal of pilot licenses, medical certificates, applications for air charter permits for Domestic or Foreign Operators
Cabotage laws, regulations and interpretation
Overflight procedures, payments and records
Airport infrastructure and development
Safety and security of airport, passengers and crew members
Airport fees, nav fees etc.
Ability to land in MMMX//CDMX Mexico City as a commercial nonscheduled operator
Proper coordination between central AFAC HQ and AFAC locations at every airport 
Compliance with multinational regulations and treaties
Authorizations for Special or Extraordinary Operations
By passing CIQ at MMCZ or MMTP for private aircraft when coming from the Caribbean, Central America and South America

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* 2. Finally, if you are interested in joining forces and participate in incorporating the MBAA, please provide your full name, telephone, Company name and email address. And please if we are missing a topic not listed in the poll please share it with us as we will update it accordingly.

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* 3. Topics missing in the Poll