SUMMERSCHOOL 2019 (Santiago de Compostela, Jul 4th-6th)
Hosted by Spanish Society of Rheumatology

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* 1. Workshops 3 in parallel

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Clinical examination of upper limbs
Clinical examination of lower limbs
How to take an adequate history of an RMD problem
Loco-regional pain syndromes
Synovial fluid analysis
X-rays: it isn´t always what it seems
Critical literature review of an article
Infiltration workshop with mannequin
Vascular ultrasound workshop for rheumatologist

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* 2. Multidisciplinary session

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Uveitis: what should the rheumatologist know
Interstitial pneumonitis with autoimmune features
Pregnancy in lupus: when and how?
Management of comorbidities in rheumatic diseases
Autoinflammatory diseases: what should the adult rheumatologist know?

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* 3. State of the art

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Giant cell arteritis
Treatment of inflammatory myopathies
Antiphospholipid syndrome
ANCA associated vasculitis
The development of RA: The journey from health to disease
How to diagnose SpA early
Lung disease in scleroderma
SLE: what is comming?
Psoriatic arthritis
State of the art: The changing landscape of biosimilars in rheumatology

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* 4. Basic science session. What does the clinical rheumatologist need to know

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Biology of the B cell after Rtx
Biology of the IL-6 out of the joint
Synovitis in SpA: More than IL-23/IL-17

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* 5. Miscellaneous topics

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Cancer and inflammation
Cardiovascular comorbidity in RA: anything we should do about it?
Managing glucocorticoid related osteoporosis
Tips and tricks to an effective presentation
Therapeutic drug monitoring of biologics in rheumatic diseases
Improving statistics reporting in papers