Housing policies

- We do our best to accomodate every student's housing preferences. However, we cannot guarantee that all of their preferences will be met. Needs such as pet allergies, disability, etc. will take precedence over other housing preferences.

- UVM will notify students by e-mail of their housing placement approximately 3 weeks prior to departure for semester programs, and 2 weeks prior to departure for short programs.


- Flexibility, patience, and openness to new ways of life are essential for living abroad. International students are going to encounter different customs, living arrangements, and lifestyles that they may not expect or be accustomed.

- Since you are going to be part of study abroad program, it is your responsability to try to learn about and adjust to these differences which will enrich your experience.

- Every homestay is different and should not be compared to another student's experience. Each one is an unique example of life in Chile.

- You will live in a safe area and within a reasonable commute to school in Viña del Mar. Because it is impossible to house all students the exact same distance from school, some people will live further from school than others, but in all cases the distance will be reasonable using public transportation, walking, etc.


- The term "host family" should not be interpreted too narrowly. A large number of host families consist of childless couples or divorced/widowed women with/without university aged children who enjoy hosting students. A smaller number of host families consist of the "traditional" husband, wife, and kids.

- Living with a host family is the absolute best way to increase the student's foreign language skills. For many students, their host family was the best part of their study abroad experience.

- You may, or may not, have another international student living with you. Some host families have more than one single bedroom. Students will be able to tell us their preferences in this Housing Questionnaire.

- Host families will not give the student a curfew. However, students need to respect their host families by being quiet if arriving home late.

- Students will be provided 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch, and "once" (tea time) or dinner (dinner is not common in Chilean homes but some families may have it).

- All of our host families have WIFI

- Vegetarian students can be accomodated. Students with vegan, gluten-free, or other dietary restrictions must specify in the housing application what they can and cannot eat.