Affinity Canvas
Affinity Canvas
An Experience Execution and Optimization Platform

Affinity Canvas is an experience and optimization platform provides:

1. Onboarding best practices through proven templates & access to our knowledge base giving you the shortest time to achieve optimized processes.

2. Transparency into your process and their performance through process visualization and touchpoint analytics giving insight into pain-points and opportunities to improve.

3. A continuous optimization and execution engine through split testing your processes using customer insight and employee creativity giving you tested and proved processes to implement.

All to Increase Retention & Loyalty of your Customers and Employees

By integrating with SurveyMonkey, you can tie your customer and employee feedback data to specific touchpoints in a customer journey. This connection creates continuous innovation through A/B testing and measurement. Affinity Canvas unlocks the power of journey maps to effectively drive operational changes that impact business results and loyalty across your customer base.