Integrate survey data into your favorite apps

Our powerful survey data integrations put feedback right where you need it.


Your data may tell you “what” happened, but not “why.” Survey data integration adds context, color, and sentiment to data in apps; from Slack to Salesforce®. Discover how integrating your survey data can give your apps—and your business—a boost.

CRM integration

Connect survey results with existing customer data in Salesforce, or another CRM, to get a better understanding of your customers. Measure customer happiness at regular intervals by automatically triggering surveys from your CRM at key milestones of the customer journey. Automate win-loss surveys, trigger post-case surveys to collect instant feedback, and create alerts so teams can take action.

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Better understand your prospects by integrating survey data in Marketo, Hubspot, or Oracle® Eloqua to enrich leads. Improve lead quality by scoring and segmenting leads based on survey responses, and use that segmentation to create more personalized campaigns. Build stronger customer relationships that will lead to increased conversions and sales—and a more loyal, valuable customer base.

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Marketing automation integrations

Collaboration with apps

Empower teams with survey data that can be shared across the organization. Improve survey quality and results by using your favorite collaboration tools, like Slack, MS Teams, Facebook Workplace, and Google Drive, to share survey designs, get buy in, invite comments, and keep feedback in one place. Make sure that insights make an impact, companywide, by sharing survey results with teams.

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Get deeper insights by integrating survey data with reporting and analytics tools, like Tableau and Power BI. Extract and automatically import survey responses into your favorite analytics tool to visualize data and better track trends and feedback. Create charts and reports that let you share data with the rest of your team. Get more context around collected data by seeing survey data in reporting apps.

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Analytics and reporting

Check out our data integration with 100+ popular apps and plug-ins—from events to email, customer support to social—and find what works for you.

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Don’t see what you are looking for? We have open APIs that allow you to build custom data integrations that fit right into your workflows.

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