TV's Biggest Night - Viewing Habits, Party Planning, Trivia, and Predictions

No matter who wins, we’ve compiled a list of statistics, activities, and resources to make watching this TV award season more fun.

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7.4 million people watched TV’s biggest night in 2021, making it the only award show to increase its viewership. As television continues to be a primary source of entertainment, the award show is becoming a larger cultural event. See our viewing habit findings.

Find out who the general public thinks will be the winners and explore all of our findings (predictions and viewing habits).

18% of Americans say Ted Lasso should win best comedy series
For outstanding lead actress in a drama series, Laura Linney and Zendaya are tied for 1st in our public opinion poll
26% of Americans say Stranger Things should win best drama series

Celebrate TV’s biggest night with co-workers, friends, or family and use these survey templates to start planning the ultimate watch party!

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A customizable survey template to collect everyone’s predictions and see who has the best foresight.

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Everything you need to plan your party and find out what your guests want.

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Test your knowledge with this quick quiz to challenge your expertise.

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Get the resources you need to develop your own predictions, hypotheses, even business cases.